Atalaya 2
Atalaya 2 is a web application through which employees or managers can view and print punches, credit hours, payroll, etc. Allows making petition or changes on your calendar, punches, vacation, personal data, etc. as well.
All this through the web browser, without requiring any software application installed older.

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Data and Access

Works with MySQL, SQL and Oracle (Oracle in development). Allows multi-company and multi-user. Link to ZKTime Enterprise


Users can view their personal data, schedule, calendar punches, access, payroll, etc..

Managers can manage employee data charge


Any user can access their data via web from any computer or device connection.


Employees may make petition for the creation, modification or deletion of punches, calendar or any other data, and facilitating the management of forgotten punches

holidays, leaves, etc.


Supports a privilege system so we can establish which sections each user can see, taking full control of what data can be seen or which petitions can be made


Supports customizable reports. Each user can have their own report or reports previously set by their managers or administrators.


Employee management
Personal calendar
Data in the terminal
Employee log
Punch management
Petition management