ZkTime Enterprise
ZKTime Enterprise includes new utilities and features to attendance control, making it easier to handle and serving a wider range of specific cases.
Match and process punches automatically after downloading, warning about odd of punches or days with a special case, facilitating and speeding up the work of attendance management.
We will automatically control all in and outs of each employee, and the events that might occur (breakfast, lunch, medical, personal business, lateness, etc.).
Ability to divide the hours worked by different concepts (normal pool, night, etc..) and carrying an economic assessment of the same. Includes an access control module, where you can define different access time slots and days for each employee.

Data and Access

Works with MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle (Oracle in development). Allows multi-company and multi-user.


Includes private calendar and profile. You can consult your data via the web.

Allows to store the fingerprints and faces of employees for recognition in biometric terminals.

Imports employees from CSV.


Supports both diurnal, nightly, rotating and flexible shifts. Allows valuations of payroll per shift, mandatory presence times, periods of validity of events and support for workdays over 24 hours.

It is possible create estimated or fixed shift schedules.


Public calendars can be defined and then customized for each employee.

Supports days with hourly variations or events (vacation, leave, travel, etc.).


Control entry, exit and mixed events with and count thenm or not as time worked. You can also extend events to the following days.

It is now possible to list the people who exceed the time or the time allowed for an event.


Supports punch roundings, automatic breaks and automatic events.


Allows you to define payroll per number of hours or slots. Handles different payroll items such us regular hours, extra holidays, and so on.

Payroll can be compensated with respect to a predetermined amount of time or employee duty time. Allowed accrual balance control.


Simplifies the reporting system, making it faster and allowing more customization. You can add more columns to reports being able to perform calculations using formulas. Export to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and ASCII text.


Backup system improved, with support to make a complete or partial backup set different in different time slots.


Set bell schedule depending on the day of the week.


Copy, restore and import user data stored in the terminals. Punch import from USB.


English, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian.


Employee management
Workday management
Transfers of the day
Formulas in reports
Time and payroll report
Calendar year view