ZkTime Pro-EU
It’s a T&A software application that allows us to control all checks of each employee, as well as all incidents that have been made (lunch time, medical issues, etc. ...), controlling time and occurrences accrueds for each defined concept (work, delays, lunch time, etc. ...).
It incorporates an attendance costs module where we can divide the employee's worktime by concepts (regular, overtime, night overtime, etc ...) and calculating an economic assessment for them.
It includes an access control module, where you can set different time zones and days of access for each employee.
The information generated can be printed and exported to the most common formats (Excel, Word, PDF, etc ...) and allow us define the different types of reports desired.

Data and access

Work with MS Access, MySQL, SQL y Oracle (in development).It allows multicompany and multiuser.


It allows photo and fingerprints. It includes private calendar and personal profile. They can see their data online.


Accepts day, night and rotavive shifts, flexible workdays as well. Each workdays can handle its own attendance costs.


Public and custom. Allows days with variants or incidents(holidays, sickness leave, etc...).


Entry, exit and both. Count or not as worktime, be extensible. Can be attendance or access (does not compute when calculating worktime)


With or without incidence. Supports check rounds up, automatic breaks, automatic incident for check outs.


Allows payrolls by number of hours or slots. Allows payroll item (regular hours, overtime, holidays, etc ...)


It is possible to customize reports. Export to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and ASCII text. Sends data by email.


Admits to establish buzzer schedulings. Send accrued balances and messages to the terminal.


Copy, restore and import data of the user stored on the terminals. Imports checks from USB.


English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc ...


Employee management
Checks management
Calendar configuration
Worktime configuration
Incidents and payroll with checks report
Application users management
Terminals configuration